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LOTOW at Burton If anyone is around Burton on Trent w/end of 22/23 February we are playing all weekend at the Town Hall. It is a(very) loose competition organised between
2 Feb
Huzzah! -- Call for Game Masters! Greetings from Maine! It is that time of year when many of us start hoping for warm weather and thinking of Spring, and that means great wargaming up here in
24 Jan
MERRY CHRISTMAS To all the crazy wild west fans ! Gordon NH USA
Dec 25, 2013
Re: LotOW-The Alamo QRS Thank you seattleredgamer .The file is one of those listed by Katie.
Dec 24, 2013
Re: LotOW-The Alamo QRS Thank you very much for your help Katie. Regards, Cesar.
Dec 22, 2013
Re: LotOW-The Alamo QRS I have a QRS that includes info from all the books int he series. Not exactly sure where I found it, but the author is RangerRob. The doc is titled Legends
Dec 22, 2013
Re: LotOW-The Alamo QRS ... I've got a bunch of resources at http://www.fysh.org/~katie/wargames/downloads/ -- the tan section may be useful and possibly the dark blue if you're
Katie Lucas
Dec 21, 2013
LotOW-The Alamo QRS Hi! I am new to the group. I have just discovered LotOW-The Alamo and I want to know if there is any free-downloadable QRS for it. Regards, Cesar.
Dec 21, 2013
Chronicle of Bitter Springs: Final entry Bitter springs is complete and I JUST FINISHED PAINTING ALL THREE POSSES!!! Time for some wild west action. First game is scheduled for tomorrow. Here they
Sep 15, 2013
Re: How to create ready made characters? Jason, I had great luck with generic character sheets. Players could boost one stat for each character. They could choose fight, shooting, defense, etc...
Christopher Rett
Aug 14, 2013
Re: How to create ready made characters? In my opinion nothing is better than a little research .There are several "bit players " who are mentioned in connection with some of the more famous
BT! Yahoo
Aug 14, 2013
How to create ready made characters? Hi there, I am looking at a big multiplayer scenario at the club and i want to make some ready made characters for the players to use. Has anyone used a method
Aug 13, 2013
Re: Anyone selling his Minis? unpainted but painted could be an option.
Aug 7, 2013
Re: Anyone selling his Minis? Are you looking for unpainted or painted ?
Adler Hobby
Aug 1, 2013
Anyone selling his Minis? Hello I am looking for some additional gunfighters and indians in 28mm for my collection: - 6-8 Mounted Gunfighters - 15 Mounted Indians - 12 Towns folk
Jul 31, 2013
Re: Fistfull of Lead Link On Lead Adventure Forums there is a guy there developingĀ a new game that looks interesting called Shoot and Skeedaddle. I have been watching it quietly in
Patrick Ballinger
Jul 29, 2013
Re: Fistfull of Lead Link i downloaded the free version of "rules with no name" and used some plastic cheap cowboys. my 11 and 13 year old sons enjoyed it quite a bit especially when
Jul 29, 2013
Burton 2014 Hi Richard It will be a "bring yer own posse" multi-game probably. Last year the lads put on a massive Flames of War game (I was in the DBMM comp). Will drop a
Jul 29, 2013
Re: Chronicle of Bittersprings - Pt. 6 - Construction complete! I can post some photos of what I have so far, but it's just a start. We bought a new house, so everything is getting packed away for a month or two. Two
Jul 29, 2013
Re: Chronicle of Bittersprings - Pt. 6 - Construction complete! nope no gray. I do prime it all black though. but the actual paint is three coats of successively lighter browns. glad to hear about the water tower. photos
Jul 28, 2013
Re: Chronicle of Bittersprings - Pt. 6 - Construction complete! So you don't do any gray? Interesting. I just did a water tower and it turned out great. Then I tried to paint the outhouse I made and it turned out like crap
Jul 28, 2013
Re: Chronicle of Bittersprings - Pt. 6 - Construction complete! hey Tjansx, Thanks, glad you like it. as for the paint job, its just a deep dark brown base coat and 2 successively lighter dry brushing coats. with that many
Jul 28, 2013
Re: Chronicle of Bittersprings - Pt. 6 - Construction complete! I'm specifically intersted in the colors in this pic:
Jul 24, 2013
Re: Chronicle of Bittersprings - Pt. 6 - Construction complete! Gantrell, these look great! One thing I wanted to ask based on the pics, I really like the weathered look/paint job you did. I've made a couple of buildings
Jul 24, 2013
Chronicle of Bittersprings - Pt. 6 - Construction complete! Well its finally done! Is it perfect? No. Is it cool? I hope so. Was it fun? Oh yeah! Here it is everyone. The town of Bitter Springs! Just waiting for a good
Jul 22, 2013
Re: Digest Number 1505 Could be interested in an event if held at Burton, only a short drive for me. The game suffered when GW stop covering Historical but its a great set of rules.
Richard Robinson
Jul 16, 2013
New to the Old West The game seems to be having something of a rebirth locally (West Midlands UK) and I have been driven to buy the rules and paint up a posse - there is also to
Jul 15, 2013
Re: Fistfull of Lead Link Some plastic toy solder figures and a deck of cards would be a blast with the under 10 crowd and a ton of fun! ... my son into the game... ... rules ... within
Adler Hobby
Jun 19, 2013
Re: Fistfull of Lead Link For $6, that was an easy purchase. Perhaps it'll work well for getting my son into the game...
Jun 18, 2013
Re: New observation/question Heh, ok, I was looking at the wrong one then...I'll check out FFOL...
Jun 18, 2013
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