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Occies dinner 16th May Guys below are the names I have so far for the dinner. Can you please confirm yes or no Usual faces missing so far, Geoff, Downy, Wigley, Marshy, Gar Moore,
The Rev
18 Apr
Saturday 26th April Guys 26th of April is a club event for all amateur section, just a few beers some awards and one you can bring wives girlfriends to unlike the Occies beer
Danny Griffiths
14 Apr
Saturday Guys with Druids and Drags in action in important games we have basically gone with two strong squads so afraid Occies next game will be on tour. Wattsy Me
11 Apr
Saturday PLEASE ANSWER If available, we need a massive club effort as we have last league game of the season and also a merit final. This will be an Occies Drags and Druids combined
Danny Griffiths
8 Apr
Occies Dinner 16th May Yes or No answers please ASAP as i need to st Guys be grateful if you can let me know ASAP as a few people have re arranged stuff to make this date I need to know attendance.
Danny Griffiths
7 Apr
Squad for Saturday Dragons/Occies Squad: 1) Danny Griffiths, 2) Oliver Tuckwell, 3) Mike Humphries, 4) Geoff Malvisi, 5) Andrew Picken, 6) Joshua Meadowcroft, 7) Valerio
The Rev
3 Apr
Saturday game READ ALL Guys we have a mixed Drags Occies side 50 50 split against Bank of England AWAY. But that isn't far. It is a 1:30 meet at bank or 1 at the club 3 KO So 1 Can
The Rev
3 Apr
Saturday Guys if you want a game let me know ASAP, You never know we may get all of you available and have a fixture as the weather is better a lot of you have healed
The Rev
1 Apr
Saturday 26th April CLUB NIGHT Guys all teams at the club getting together for general drinks and some club awards on 26th April. Please keep free and try to make it down as it is key we
The Rev
30 Mar
Occies dinner 16th May please answer ASAP Guys just to see how many I have to arrange for for the dinner, seemed to be a lot of interest so can you let me know. Dan
The Rev
30 Mar
Saturday Guys season drawing to an end if you want a game answer teamer and or mail me. Be good to see you all again, few of us played Saturday and a good semi win for
The Rev
30 Mar
Saturday Guys please see Horgs mail below, unfortunately only one game this week, not enough for 3 sides or even 2 loads away lot of injuries.   Please though try to
Danny Griffiths
28 Mar
Anyone up for this, bit of 3 week film work Guys see the mail below, if anyone fancies this I will put you forward. Could be a laugh Good morning, I'm an assistant to Emily Tilelli at ET Casting, we are
The Rev
26 Mar
You all need to read this Guys below is the squad I believe we still have as Occies/Vets 10 of whom are injured. So thanks to all of you who have answered honestly. That still leaves 19
The Rev
25 Mar
Saturday So who wants a game Saturday Sent from Samsung Galaxy Note
24 Mar
Saturday Guys please see below for squads in Horgs mail, unfortunately not enough for an Occies and Drags as these are must win league games.  Really sorry for those
Danny Griffiths
21 Mar
Saturday Guys if you want a game this week please answer on teamer or even mail me if you find that challenging, all non answers this week I will cull.
The Rev
17 Mar
Saturday Guys not long of the season left, lets see if we can get a few more Occies games in before the season ends. So all of you that have not been arsed or too busy
The Rev
16 Mar
No game this saturday next weej can we all be available Guys no game this week. Next week 6 nations is over lets all try to be around for it Sent from Samsung Galaxy Note
14 Mar
Saturday Anyone want a game this weekend?
The Rev
10 Mar
Fwd: Saturdays squads. Guys below are the teams for tomorrow, if you arent on the list Wattsy etc then you are playing for Ferryside at London Welsh 1 meet. ... Subject: Saturdays
The Rev
7 Mar
All there will be games this weekend, Details will follow just worki  Please keep an eye out for updates this afternoon.   I will be at the club tomorrow so if you have wristbands and need to collect please see me. Alternately
Danny Griffiths
7 Mar
This is the Wirstband list Guys wristband list for the club Sunday below, I will dish out Saturday. I have included your guest requests as well. ANYONE ELSE NEED ADDING Brooksey Danny
The Rev
5 Mar
Wristbands PLEASE ALL ANSWER Guys can paid up members let me know AGAIN sorry of you want a wristband. I am collecting tomorrow and will hand out Saturday. Got the below but sure I am
The Rev
3 Mar
(no subject)    Guys who is available Saturday Can you let me know via email and I will also set up a teamer invite. I think some of you aren't getting email.   We have
Danny Griffiths
3 Mar
GUYS I NEED TO KNOW WHERE YOU ARE MEETING, I HAVE % SUBS SO WILL LEA Below is squad, if C Club if S Straight, I need someone to pick up kit as well. Could I ask have any of you ever been sacked for the inability to use email, if
Danny Griffiths
27 Feb
The Rev
27 Feb
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