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1103Looking For Give and Take Volunteers

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  • linda galvin
    1 Jan 11:30


      Hi All

      I am looking for volunteers to help with a Give and Take Day
      i am doing
      in early January.


      We will be sorting out donated items and  putting
      them on tables.
      Once this is done we will open the doors to
      let those attending the event take items away for free
      It's a bit like a Freecycle in the community event.

      Volunteers help by putting donated items on the tables,looking after their area and generally chatting to members of the public when the event opens.
      I will be there to let you know what goes where etc
      so please don't worry about not knowing what to do.

      It's a fun event with the aim being to keep things out of landfill and to find home for good quality reusable items.

      The event will be held in EC1 ( the nearest station is the Barbican)and starts at 10am 
      Due to the fluid nature of the event we can not give a definite time as to when it will end but as a general rule it's usually around 3.30pm.

      All volunteers receive Time Credits for their help

      Here is a link to our Time Credit scheme.

      If you are interested in helping out on the day then we
      would love to hear from you.

      Thanks everyone