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  • Rita Bray
    Aug 19, 2014
      I have been using Dr.Becker's book for two years and I prepare for two Cavaliers and two Persians.  The meals are served raw and I leave the
      fruit out of the recipes.  But her book is the only one that I have found to be easy to understand and really helps with the portions.  After you
      start the meal plans you may need to make adjustments to the portion size according to weight gain or loss.  For instance my 14 lb. pup receives
      almost the same amount of food as my 20 lb.

      And Rod is right.  It does take time to prepare the meats, but once you have your routine in place, it becomes effortless and so satisfying.

      Rita Bray
      Huntsville Alabama USA

      On Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 9:43 AM, Michelle mitzy39@... [MVDincavaliers] <MVDincavaliers@...> wrote:

      Thank you... So one last question... Are they on a raw diet or do you just freeze it uncooked and then cook it daily?

      I usually cook a few times a week for henry and it's been chicken sweet potato and carrots and occasionally spinach asparagus and brown rice...

      Btw, you and your cavs are lucky to have such an incredible bride! 

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      On Aug 19, 2014, at 9:17 AM, "rod.russell39@... [MVDincavaliers]" <MVDincavaliers@...> wrote:


      mitzy01_11776 wrote:

      "Thank you Rod….That's good to know and our vet did say it could be from his diet. Do you also follow Dr. Becker's diet recommendations? Im sure we need to vary his diet more than we have in the past.  What  do you feed them? Any grains?  Or just protein and veggies?
      Also 60% protein….how do I figure that out? He is 18 lb…Do you weigh everything or just eye it?
      Thank you for your input….There are so many books out there…"

      --- We have two primary recipes, which we alternate each day. We feed them twice a day. Our sources came from a few books plus consultations with our holistic vets. We have Dr. Becker's book, but it is in no way our only source. We also tweak the recipes if the dogs seem to be losing or gaining weight.

      My bride is in charge of the preparation, which we do about once a month, storing the mixed raw food in freezer bags which we can thaw on a one-per-day basis. The whole process is very time-consuming, and you need "time on your hands" to do this.

      She weighs everything! She even weighs my meat portions at dinner. So the ratio of meat to vegetables for the dogs is by weight. She adds grains only if she thinks the dogs need to gain weight. Otherwise, it is strictly meat and vegetables. All of the food is ground. One recipe includes turkey, beef, and organ meat ( beef liver and heart). That recipe has pumpkin as the main carbohydrate. The other recipe includes chicken gizzards, beef, and organ meat. The main carbohydrate is sweet potato.

      We feed an 18 lb. male two meals per day of 6 oz. each. We feed a 14 lb. female two meals of 4 oz. each.
      Rod Russell
      Orlando, Florida USA

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