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14856Re: [SDRSharp] Re:: Frequency Manager + Scanner plugin - Double Dongle Dilemma

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  • jdow
    Jun 24, 2014
      Push come to shove get a copy copy of just about any (free) Live Linux
      disk. Run the memory check option. Let it run for several hours to see
      if it turns up any bad bits in memory. (Note that memory chips can
      overheat. So make sure there is good air circulation on them.)


      On 2014/06/24 19:31, sdrs.freqmgr@... [SDRSharp] wrote:
      > Hi again Robert.Tonight I tried running SDR# version 1305 and my plugins version
      > 1.61, on two dongles.The first dongle was a typical $30 E4000-based unit, the
      > second was a FunCube Pro Plus.Both ran as expected with no crashes and no blue
      > screens. I first plugged in the E4000 unit and start SDR# and then started my
      > scanner on a frequency range scan.Once that was running, I plugged in the
      > FunCube and started a second copy of SDR#.Again I started scanning a frequency
      > range scan – I even made it scan the same range as the other copy of SDR# - and
      > had no problems.BTW I’m running Win 7 x64 Ultimate in 8GB of memory.
      > At this point I have to assume it is something in your system environment.Joanne
      > has been helpful as usual, and I thank her for her input.The only things I can
      > add are:
      > 1. You might use Revo Uninstaller to completely and utterly remove all traces
      > of the Zadig drivers and other software that might be involved.
      > 2. Run the command SFC /scannow in a command window to tell windows to search
      > for corrupt system files and fix them.
      > 3. Using the Tools dialog in the file Properties dialog to perform a disk error
      > check.Allow it to Automatically fix file system errors an Scan for and
      > attempt recovery of bad sectors (make a backup first!)
      > 4. When you are sure your system is as clean and ready as possible, then
      > reinstall what’s necessary for SDR# and get two copies of it running on two
      > dongles.
      > 5. When THOSE are working OK, then install my plugins.Don’t copy them; run the
      > installer on each separate copy of SDR#.
      > I hope this helps.I’m sure it is frustrating and I thank you for persevering.Cheers,
      > Jeff
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