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17516Re:: I/Q auto imbalance an SDRPlay. Build 1282 works - builds 1332 and 1335 don't work.

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  • sdrsharp
    Mar 22, 2015
      As we don't develop the SDRPlay plugin, we don't know what strange interactions happen there. Many things have changed since rev. 1282, but none are specific to any SDR hardware - apart from the Airspy series.

      ---In SDRSharp@..., <davebunyan@...> wrote :

      Would the SDR Sharp team check what has happened since build 1282 to stop the I/Q correction software from working with SDRPlay.

      I've posted earlier about the I/Q auto corrector not working for SDRPlay but have now dug into it a bit deeper. To cut a long story short. I had build 1282 on my Win 7 laptop (i-3 core duo M330) and decided to see if SDRPlay would run on it - and whether the I/Q correction would function.Surprisingly well in fact at full bandwidth (not checked recording capability though). 

      The I/Q imbalance auto correction works beautifully - the gain and phase figures are whizzing away around 1.10 and -0.6 constantly correcting. The issue with a strong station causing a mirror is completetly gone. The quickest way to check is to swap I/Q channels - the mirror appears and within 2-3 seconds is completely zapped!

      When I first installed SDRPlay I installed SDR# build 1332 - today re-installed SDRPlay and drivers and SDR# with build 1335. The I/Q imbalance just sits at Gain = 1.000 Phase = 0.000 but on an RTL dongle it's working.

      Final try was to copy the whole SDRSharp folder from the laptop to the Win 8 desktop containing build 1282 and re-install the SDRPlay EXTIO.  The I/Q auto correction is working fantastically well on the Win8 PC.



      PS I would be interested in Air-Spy's little brother especially if it is available through a UK source.

      PPS will the little brother be using the R820T2 which is to supposed to have better sensitivity?

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