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19427Re:: RE: [SDR#] Possible to Reactivate Levelmeter Plugin? now in "Plugins.xml"

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  • wb8yqj@sbcglobal.net
    Jun 9, 2016

      Thanks Henry,

      Up until SDR# V1400 the following line would add the Levelmeter to SDR#

      <add key="LevelMeter" value="SDRSharp.LevelMeter.LevelMeterPlugin,SDRSharp.LevelMeter" />

      But with V1444 now, this line is ignored. It seems like the main program is no longer looking to activate LevelMeter. 


      Sounds like the time the plugins got moved to “plugins.xml” still working more or less the same as before, with adding a new Line for each active plugin.

      If you know about this already, it was just a suggestion.



      Henry Abbott

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