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19441Solution to missing offset in baseband player

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  • Alan_Mintz
    Jun 16, 2016
      When playing back a .wav file recorded by the baseband recorder, the Shift feature in the Radio pane is greyed out, so if the file was recorded by a mis-calibrated installation, you apparently can't apply a uniform adjustment to it when replaying it. Or can you?

      I recorded a 2MHz chunk of bandwidth centered at 471 MHz in a file named 14-43-30_471000kHz.wav, forgetting to enter a PPM or shift adjustment to compensate for the calibration error of the dongle. When playing back the resulting file, to tune the center of the signal at 471 000 000 Hz, I need to actually tune to 470 999 465 Hz (i.e. the dongle listens 535 Hz higher than told to). I can automatically adjust for this permanently whenever I play this file simply by renaming it to 14-43-30_471000535Hz.wav . This works as long as the error is less than half the Step Size and you use Snap to Grid (both in the Radio panel). Even better than the Shift, this calibration stays on the file permanently. :)