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19690RE: [SDR#] new to sdr and have questions, etc

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  • Silverfox
    Dec 2, 2016

      This may be a not so smart response but the spyverter requires power.  Did you plug in a USB power source?

      Alan – W6ARH



      From: SDRSharp@... [mailto:SDRSharp@...]
      Sent: Thursday, December 1, 2016 6:42 PM
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      Subject: [SDR#] new to sdr and have questions, etc



      Hello all,

      My name is Buford and I am an amateur radio operator, KB8QLG.

       But SDR is a new thing to me.

      The setup I have is as follows:

      Lenove Thinkpad e/w i5 cpu, M540 2.53 Ghz, 4 gbt ram 64 bit operating system.

      Win 10 PRO

      Radio is Airspy R@ and Spyverter.

      With just the Airspy connected to laptop and SDRsharp open and my GAP Titan DX antenna connected I can tune local FM stations and FRS radio transmissions.This seems to be as it should be.

      But when I install the Spyverter in line in front of the receiver and again have SDRsharp open I don't seem to be able to get any audio from any signal I tune to. Stations such as WWV 5,10,15,Mhz don't appear when I input those frequencies. 

      I notice that the receiver does get warm-ish to the touch but the Spyverter does not. 

      I've gone through most changeable options and don't see asny difference. There is white noise or silence on some signals. I do select AM etc with no change.

      Could a new Spyverter be bad?

      I'd appreciate some help/advice and I thank you in advance.



                 Buford I. Lemon Jr.

      ~~~~~~"What is truth?~~~~~~

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