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19717Re: [SDR#] Trying to get Griffin Powermate to work with SDR#

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  • Enigma Traveler
    Dec 18, 2016
      Very interesting Sean. Have the same Griffin spinner mouse and to have wondered about how to interface it to my SDR-IQ.

      Will be following this thread with interest. Thanks for bring it up.

      73 from Bill - WD8ARZ
      South Bend, Indiana

      On 12/18/2016 12:15 PM, 'Sean Gilbert (G4UCJ)' sean@... [SDRSharp] wrote:

      I've been trying to get my Griffin Powermate (it is a small aluminium spinner that imitates mouse actions and is used in video and audio editing, but is much cheaper than dedicated radio or midi controllers) to work with SDR# ever since the early releases without any success.

      I can get the Powermate to work OK on pretty much every other program except SDR#. I've tried programming the Powermate with every option possible but it refuses to scroll frequency in SDR#(which is why I have the thing in the first place)

      The reason for wanting to use it is so I can have something like a VFO tuning knob rather than having to use the mouse wheel (or the up/down scrolling arrows). You can program the Powermate to emulate left/right/up/down scrolling or to emulate cursor left/right/up/down, which works perfectly in SDR Console (for instance), but I don't need it in that as it supports midi and I use a twin wheel DJ controller as my 'VFO knob'.

      SDR# is the one program I want to use it with and it would add a much improved method of control.

      I wonder if anyone has used a Powermate successfully with SDR# or has any ideas how to get it working.

      Many thanks - Sean - Posted by: "Sean Gilbert \(G4UCJ\)" <sean@...>

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