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19733Re: [SDR#] SDR# nightly.zip

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  • Rich
    Dec 28, 2016

      Run the "install-rtlsdr.bat"  it will be found in the folder where you installed SDRSharp.


      On 12/28/2016 7:31 AM, roland-fechter@... [SDRSharp] wrote:

      Hello - first get all well into 2017 !

      My problem - cant install  SDRsharp with my RTL2832U dongle. i.e. no device found !

      This happens using the Airspy software.

      Probably using SDR nightly zip may help ?

      Cant find it on the Internet.

      Could you kindly tell me how to get hold of it, please ?

      For a direct transfer to me my email address is:


      Thanks in advance,

      good luck to you all !


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