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19766RTL2832U sdr v 1443 OK sdr v 1491 Not OK

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  • graham787
    25 Jan 13:18

      Not upgraded for a  while ,  just installed the  latest  V to  windows 7 64 bit 

      Odd situation ,  I can  use sdr version 1443 , found in the  -x86  directory  - work  fine , set RTL usb  

       But  running  sdr v 1491, not seeing  the  dongle  in the  device  select  box , part of driver  pop  up  

      Used the  zadig  found in the  -x86 directory ... assume this is the  right  driver ?

      Q Have I missed  something ?


      v  1443   ok 

      v 1491  no go

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