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19804[SDR#] the spy server on remote

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  • Ton Muller
    25 Mar
      So i tested out spyserver on a WAN area.
      tested version, 1525 (current is 1533)

      Upstream is 4Mbit.

      Pros.: fast connecting to remote spyserver HF only.

      Cons: Current frequency list is uselist if u want to select a frequency
      Why?: due the -120.000.000 shift, u could edit the freq xml by editing
      the shift settings, or do like me, use it as reference, hehe.

      Cons: depending on bandwide, 4mbit up here, a max value of 62 khz is
      doable, but it has up to 30 sec tuning delay.
      32 khz is recomended ,the delay is 8 seconds.
      higer bandwides gives chopy audio, and lags your connection.

      All other plugins keeps working.

      final test: it works great,setting it up is easy, finding the shift that
      matches your ppm drift for the spyverter is bit tricky.

      when compression is implimented this would be a bomb in the SDR world.

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