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19805Airspy Mini Question

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  • Dewey
    30 Mar
      Greetings all,

      I have about 15 rtlsdr dongles in my collection. Each time I add a new
      dongle to the collection, I use RTL_EEPROM and change the dongle serial
      number to the date I put the dongle in service (YYYYMMDD). I do this for 2
      reasons, 1, to avoid computer conflicts of 2 USB devices having the same
      serial number if more than 1 dongle is plugged in at the same time, and 2, I
      know how long each dongle has been in service (not necessarily in use)
      should I start having problems with a dongle. I have recently added a
      Airspy Mini to my collection. Since the Airspys are direct plug in and do
      not require drivers, I notice the RTL_EEPROM does not see it (not
      surprised). Therefore, my question is - is there a way that the serial
      number for the Airspy Mini can be easily changed?

      Thanks to all,
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