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19816controlling functions of SDRSharp using keyboard shortcuts, can it be done?

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  • jeremy
    Apr 7, 2017
      Howdy all,
      Just now joining the list, so please first accept my apologies if I'm
      asking something that has already been answered previously. I am a blind
      user, just now getting into SDR and have purchased one of the cheap
      RtlSDR receivers to use with SDRSharp. In messing about in the SDR#
      application, I was pleasantly surprised to see that a number of the
      areas of the program were read by my screenreader, but unfortunately, it
      doesn't seem possible to change things like the frequency, move up and
      down through a band, etc.

      I then became curious if it was possible to access the functions of SDR#
      that weren't accessible from my screenreader using keyboard shortcuts
      instead. While it doesn't appear that the program has this as a default,
      I did come across a post from this group,
      that seems to indicate a plugin of sorts had been created that may give
      this ability. I'm honestly not sure if this will make the application
      accessible enough to use completely, or if there might be other
      workarounds for reading things such as your current frequency, but an
      ability to set a key to take care of portions of the program that aren't
      read very good by the reader would be excellent. I'm also uncertain if
      this plugin or whatever it was even still works on the later versions of
      SDR#, as I've not been able to find anything else about it or where to
      get it to try, so I wanted to ask here.
      Any advice/ideas would be most welcome and appreciated. :)
      Thank you all.
      Take care.
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