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19831Re: [SDR#] SPY Server 2.0

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  • Eric Oyen
    16 Apr
      ok, I haven't gone to the site yet. So, what OS is this server supported under? I happen to have 2 RTL based USB dongles here and an Ubuntu 14 laptop with accessibility for the blind installed on it. I would very much like to use that laptop and the USB devices and serve up their output to a web page interface that is blind compatible (much like WebSDR).

      Any chance of this?

      DE n7zzt Eric

      On Apr 16, 2017, at 4:40 PM, sdrsharp@... [SDRSharp] wrote:


      Check the latest revision of SDR# and SPY Server which supports streaming FFT and IF IQ data over the network. We have had a lot of fun listening to Airspy+SpyVerter setups all around the world.

      The official downloads are as always at:


      Would you like to share your setup with us?

      PS: SPY Server also supports RTL dongles


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