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19832Re: [SDR#] controlling functions of SDRSharp using keyboard shortcuts, can it be done?

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  • jeremy
    Apr 17, 2017
      Not sure if you meant me, as to where to send the files, but I was the one who'd originally asked about getting the keyboard functions inside SDRSharp.
      Take care.

      On 4/15/2017 4:46 PM, Rene pmr1wrt@... [SDRSharp] wrote:
      Hi Dale, Sigi and all reading members...

      Dale, I'm your backup-man... Where to send the files?

      1. SDRSharp Keystrokes by Dale
      2. SDRSharp Keystrokes Modified by Rene, It's also an older test case, with some modifications d.d. 2015.05

      Best Regards and a Happy Easter

      2017-04-13 20:50 GMT+02:00 jeremy icu8it2@... [SDRSharp] <SDRSharp@...>:

      As far as what still works or what doesn't, unfortunately I've yet to actually be able to install everything again and test it out. I will definitely send an update though when I get around to getting everything reinstalled.
      It would seem that in my tinkerings of trying out the different applications, one of those being the windows port of GNU Radio, the python dependencies have managed to cause me issues with my screenreader, so I want to completely reinstall SDRSharp on it's own so my results will be as accurate as I can get.

      As I'd mentioned previously, there are a few areas of the SDRSharp application that seem to be accessible. It is possible to use tab to move through most of these areas, change the device that SDRSharp uses as it's receiver, change the modes of modulation, volume, etc, but there also seems to be some pretty important areas that can't be seen or read at all. Outside of the one I know for sure, the ability to read your current frequency, I can't really speak to what else might be missing or majorly necessary to using the application for listening.

      Just as an example, one thing that I think the reader has issues accessing and reading but where the remote thing might be helpful would be in changing the squelch for those bands where that's typically used. I'm honestly not certain how that's displayed in SDRSharp or if the remote application can be used to manipulate it, so that's something I'd like to play with also.
      Either way, I certainly appreciate you guys getting back to me with the information so far that I've gotten and will definitely send an update when I figure out anything new.
      Huge thanks.
      Take care.

      On 4/11/2017 8:54 AM, WB8CJW dale.elshoff@... [SDRSharp] wrote:

      I'm here.  Hi Sigi.  As a matter of fact I was making changes to the file for the later revisions of SDRSharp.  I thought I did this recently for a sightless person - maybe over a year ago but I couldn't find the file.  I didn't respond right away not knowing exactly what I have to work with and if anything worked at all in the newer revisions.

      I have an appointment to head off to now.  In the mean time if there are any functions I can add please let me know.

      Dale WB8CJW

      On 4/10/2017 1:17 PM, Siegfried Jackstien siegfried.jackstien@... [SDRSharp] wrote:

      i just sent you a direct mail with some software :-)


      he made a lot of work to get auto hotkey marriaged with sdrsharp and he sure can help you with that app


      sigi dg9bfc

      Am 09.04.2017 um 22:12 schrieb jeremy icu8it2@... [SDRSharp]:

      Ah, ok, that's what I was also curious of. If he or anyone else who might be familiar with using the keyboard to move around in the app might be popping around the list and could point me in the right directions. :)
      Huge thanks for getting back and most certainly keep me in mind if you come across the old executable or an area to get it or any other information that may help me too.
      Take care.

      On 4/9/2017 5:52 AM, Siegfried Jackstien siegfried.jackstien@... [SDRSharp] wrote:

      dale sure can help better than i could (he was inventor of the keybiard shortcuts exe ...)

      i just tried it out together with the remote control of the rtl dongle (and got it working more or less)

      but that was long ago and i can not remember all the exact settings ...

      have to dig trough my pc to find the needed parts

      (and i did not use sdrsharp for a long long time so can not say if those parts will work with newer sdrsharp version(s)


      sigi dg9bfc

      Am 07.04.2017 um 23:34 schrieb jeremy icu8it2@... [SDRSharp]:

      Howdy all,
      Just now joining the list, so please first accept my apologies if I'm
      asking something that has already been answered previously. I am a blind
      user, just now getting into SDR and have purchased one of the cheap
      RtlSDR receivers to use with SDRSharp. In messing about in the SDR#
      application, I was pleasantly surprised to see that a number of the
      areas of the program were read by my screenreader, but unfortunately, it
      doesn't seem possible to change things like the frequency, move up and
      down through a band, etc.

      I then became curious if it was possible to access the functions of SDR#
      that weren't accessible from my screenreader using keyboard shortcuts
      instead. While it doesn't appear that the program has this as a default,
      I did come across a post from this group,
      https://uk.groups.yahoo.com/ neo/groups/SDRSharp/ conversations/topics/8689
      that seems to indicate a plugin of sorts had been created that may give
      this ability. I'm honestly not sure if this will make the application
      accessible enough to use completely, or if there might be other
      workarounds for reading things such as your current frequency, but an
      ability to set a key to take care of portions of the program that aren't
      read very good by the reader would be excellent. I'm also uncertain if
      this plugin or whatever it was even still works on the later versions of
      SDR#, as I've not been able to find anything else about it or where to
      get it to try, so I wanted to ask here.
      Any advice/ideas would be most welcome and appreciated. :)
      Thank you all.
      Take care.

      Virus-free. www.avast.com

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