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19853RE: [SDR#] Re:: SDR# and NOAA GOES EMWIN reception

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  • Ken Swaggart
    5 May

      Thanks, Pete. Being able to change the bandwidth should help.




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      Hi Ken,

      You can change the maximum size of the bandwidth by modifying the value in this key ...

          <add key="minOutputSampleRate" value="32000" />

      which is found in the SDRSharp.exe.Config file

      Sorry, can't help with any of the rest of your query.

      Good Hunting,

      ---In SDRSharp@..., <k.swaggart@...> wrote :

      I’m trying to receive the EMWIN (Emergency Manager’s Weather Information Network) signal from the GOES satellites.  Modulation is OQPSK with 20 KHz bandwidth.  What mode should I be using? For past QPSK satellite signals I’ve used USB, but SDR# limits the bandwidth to 16 KHz.  Any other hints, like required SNR, would be appreciated.




      Lincoln City, OR

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