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19867Re: [SDR#] Re:: AirSpy calibration

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  • EB4APL
    May 15, 2017

      Yes, I remember that it was a very simple thing. I have searched the official site but I thought that it was not to going to be found under "Quick start".

      Thank you very much.

      Ignacio, EB4APL

      El 15/05/2017 a las 16:27, sdrsharp@... [SDRSharp] escribió:
      I'm sure you have seen it in the official website and it's still there.

      ---In SDRSharp@..., <eb4apl@...> wrote :


      The Airspy calibration utility is included in every version of the
      package, but I don't find its instructions. I remember having seen it in
      the past, but I don't remember where.

      Ignacio, EB4APL

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