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19870SDR# 64 bit crashing

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  • g4ucj
    16 May

      Installed SDR# 64 bit on an Asus X555L laptop (i7 4510U, 12GB RAM), running Win10/64. When I double click on the icon, the program fails to launch, and generates a 'crash' text file (contents below). I will point out that the 32 bit version runs without issue on the same laptop (both are installed into their own folders on the root of C, rather than inside the 'program files' folders). I have VAC installed, with 2 channels running (as I said the 32 bit version works fine with this).

      Contents of crash file:

      The type initializer for 'PortAudioSharp.PortAudioAPI' threw an exception.

      at SDRSharp.Radio.dll.PortAudioAPI.Pa_GetDefaultInputDevice  (IL offset: 0xffffffff)

      at SDRSharp.Radio.dll.AudioDevice.GetDevices  (IL offset: 0x6)

      at SDRSharp.exe.MainForm.InitializeGUI  (IL offset: 0x153)

      at SDRSharp.exe.MainForm..ctor  (IL offset: 0x150)

      at SDRSharp.exe.Program.Main  (IL offset: 0x6e)

      The 64bit version is working fine on my desktop pc (an i5 2320 / 16GB / Win10-64),that also runs VAC (7 channels) plus 3 physical sound cards.

      I would like to run the 64bit version on the laptop as the USB3 ports run the AirSpy at full bandwidth without a hitch, whereas the desktop can't manage that - maybe the VIA chipset on the USB3 card causing an issue.

      TIA, Sean  

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