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19880migrate data to updated version

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  • doug_r_lewis
    17 May

      I currently have 3 versions installed (to preserve certain version sensitive plugins). They all work well.

      However I would like to populate them each with a common frequency data set used for scanning by fm+scanner. This set exists in my main version 1426.which I have spent much time creating scan goups.

      I have tried all found tutorials - export, import, changing db path ect and nothing works, I am not even sure where the data is stored-anyway I am stuck.

       As an example I would like to use 1560 now the fm scanner plug works now but without my stocked groups and frequencies it would be way too much effort to hand create my data in it.

      Is data migration even possible between versions?

      Am I missing a simple migration insight?

      Any help would be appreciated.

      (All versions are in their own folder off of C;\ under their own version folders)

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