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19886Time Shift plug-in by Vassili

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  • EB4APL
    18 May

      I copy the email that I sent to Vassili regarding a possible bug in this
      TimeShift plug-in.

      I post it here also because he probably also reads this group.

      Best regards,

      Ignacio, EB4APL

      "Hi Basil,

      I noticed a bug in this plug-in, I think that I have reported it but
      probably it was unnoticed.

      The problem is when using a receiver which needs I&Q swap, like the Soft
      Rock and many of the soundcard based receivers.

      This plugin does not take in account the band inversion as set by the
      Swap I&Q flag (key="swapIQ" value="True" ), so the TimeShift waterfall
      is inverted with respect to the main one, and tuning in the pluging
      waterfall is very inconvenient.

      Maybe you can correct this while adapting your plug-in to the new
      versions of SDR#.

      Best regards,

      Ignacio, EB4APL "