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19902Centering Spectrum Window

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  • so2rso2r
    1 Jul

      I use SDRsharp and a Radioddity.com RTL SDR Upconverter combo connected to my Elecraft K3's IF output to achieve an onscreen panadapter.  I finally figured out how to record the baseband using the plugin from RTL-SDR.ru.  It doesn't burn through tons of storage disk space now that I finally discovered how to keep the bandwidth down to 250 KHz by setting the rate in the RTLSDR device settings.  By doing that, however, my zero point on the spectrum screen is only 10 KHz from the bottom while the top extends up 240 KHz or so.  My baseband recording basically only gives frequencies above the frequency shown on my K3 and I'd like to have the center be in the middle of the passband rather than at the bottom.  I'm only interested in a relative frequency view of the IF and don't care about the SDR# display frequency matching my VFO. 

      How can I do that?  Maybe a SDRsharp.exe.CONFIG adjustment?


      Bob K5WA

      If neded:

      Win 10

      SDRsharp 1577 32-bit (never could get the baseband plugin to work on 64-bit)

      RTL-SDR and Upconverter combo: https://www.radioddity.com/100khz-1-7ghz-vhf-uhf-band-rtl-sdr-upconverter-sdr-receiver-nfm-fm-dsb-lsb-cw-825.html