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19904SDRsharp on a 64bit version of Windows 10

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  • len_gm0onx
    6 Jul

      Has anyone on here got a RTL SDR dongle working with SDRsharp on a 64bit version of Windows 10?

      I’ve downloaded the 64bit version of SDRsharp from Airspy.com, installed the driver (rtl 2832u) using Zatag and it appears OK in device manager.

      Unfortunately the 64 bit version of SDRsharp crashes when you try to start it and the 32 bit version starts but doesn’t see the dongle. Found a reference to a fix for the 32 bit version (updated version) but not 64 bit.

      Any suggestions from someone that has actually got this to work? I don't have access to a 32bit PC or Windows 7 or 8.

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