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19908Spectrum Spy enhancements

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  • David J Taylor
    8 Jul
      Spectrum Spy enhancements


      1 - It would be very useful if SpectrumSpy could show and hold peak values
      while running, perhaps with a reset button. This would allow transient
      signals to be captured more easily. Possibly slightly smoothed?

      Background - I an watching two DVB-S2 transponders which operate with
      multiple MODCODs, and the level displayed varies with whichever modulation
      is in use at the time. To be able to compare these levels a peak-hold
      function would be perfect!

      2 - It would be useful if the program could take a command-line parameter
      e.g. "-run" so that it started scanning as soon as it was launched.

      My apologies if these are already available and I missed them!

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