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19911Time Domain Display Feature Request

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  • pickup_man_81
    24 Jul
      what is the likelihood of getting time domain displays for the following:

      1) main spectrum - main "bandwidth" filter output (what would normally be demodulated in NFM/AM/SSB/WFM/DSB/CW outputs)

      2) Zoom FFT:  IF window - filter output, if filter enabled, otherwise, the whole thing

      3) Zoom FFT:  Audio window

      I think seeing the time domain representation of a signal would be very useful for determining what is happening from time to time, and should be fairly simple to run an inverse FFT to determine, if said data doesn't already exist. 

      YES, I know it's possible to set up a virtual audio cable and run outside software, but I have enough other applications running that make that more of a hassle than it's worth.  There used to be a plugin to do something similar to this, but I'd really like to see it rolled into the Zoom FFT plugin functionality, with the main audio output being kindof a secondary desire.