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19914Re: [SDR#] Re:: Using SDR# as spectrum analyzer

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  • MCH
    Jul 28, 2017
      For an analyzer, SpectrumSpy (Part of the SDR# package) with
      an Airspy R2 might be much more suitable for your application.
      You can get some amazing bandwidth out of that combo with very
      respectable sweep times.

      Joe M.

      On 7/27/2017 8:01 PM, darrell@... [SDRSharp] wrote:
      > Yes, it is very possible to use SDR# as a very accurate spectrum
      > analyzer. I have used an older version along with and SDRPlay RSP1 to do
      > this. I have also used this along with a noise source to accurately
      > assess 455khz IF filters and other types of filters. And, I have used it
      > along with a directional coupler to read return loss and tune antennas.
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