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  • Marion D. Kitchens
    Apr 1, 2013
      People are using different types of antennas, depending on several factors.   For VHF listening, many use either a disc cone or ham radio  2-meter antenna.  You will be able to hear some things using only a short piece of wire if it is up relative high above the ground.   It also depends on transmitters are near you.  If FM broadcast (88 to 108 MHz in the USA) stations are near you, you can hear them with the short antenna that typically comes with the dongles.
      The answers people are giving you are accurate.  But you need to give more information before people can give specific help.
      Marion,  K4GOK
      On Mon, 01 Apr 2013 23:05:16 -0000 "kjlbg22" <rgar22217@...> writes:

      All I am asking is what types of antenna are being used, if you wish not to answer just do not respond. I am learning and this is new to me.
      The responses given are of no help.

      --- In SDRSharp@..., Steve - G7IZZ <g7izz@...> wrote:
      > On 01/04/13 19:39, kjlbg22 wrote:
      > > What are the antenna being used?
      > For what?
      > You would use an antenna to suit the frequencies you're interested in
      > (and which suit your QTH/pocket/whatever).
      > 73
      > --
      > Steve - G7IZZ

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