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9618Re: [SDRSharp] SDR Sharp issues

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  • Marion D. Kitchens
    Jul 31, 2013
      You can copy the 1135 folder from your other computer and put it on the computer you want it on.  I have done that. Works fine.
      You can copy your existing 1135 folder to a "thumb drive" and put it on any computer you like.  Of course Zadig must be installed on any computer that uses SDR#.
      Marion,  K4GOK
      On Wed, 31 Jul 2013 11:01:34 -0400 "W4KRR" <w4krr@...> writes:

      I’m trying to configure SDRSharp on a Windows XP machine, using the latest “Stable” version of SDRSharp, 

      I have version on another PC; for my E4000 USB dongle there is a selection for RTL-SDR / USB, which works fine.  However, in version 1000, there is no such selection; the closest selection is “RTL-SDR / TCP”.  This causes an error message when I select it because it’s apparently looking for some port or a nonexistent network. 

      So how to I use my E4000 USB dongle on this version?  I would really like version 1135, but apparently you can’t download it anymore.


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