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9620Re: [SDRSharp] Thinking of rtlsdr and all that stuff....

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  • Ian MM6DOS
    Jul 31, 2013
      I think not.  Generally the accepted thinking on the subject is that since the ExtIO or any other plugin interfaces are preexisting then how can anyone have possibly done anything wrong? 

      LC does a good job and decided to keep it closed source. That's fine by me and it's completely unrelated to anything GPL. 

      LC has never distributed anything GPL to my knowledge so what is the beef? (He did make a small contribution to a certain ExtIO wrapper under GPL)


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      jdow <jdow@...> wrote:

      Where is the source code for HDSDR. After all the complaints about
      SDRSharp using rtlsdr while not being a GPL V3 program I note that
      HDSDR uses ExtIO which is a wrapper for rtlsdr.dll. Hence by the
      same logic they should also be barred from using rtlsdr.dll or
      should get whined at for not being GPL V3 the same as the whining
      Youssef received. Either the HDSDR developer is blatantly ignoring
      the requirements of GPL V3 and any complaints from Osmocom or the
      Osmocom people have double standards. Both programs were seemingly
      developed well before rtlsdr.dll appeared on the radar.


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