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  • Not sure if my posts are going out or not, I put something up earlier that didn't appear. Anyway, I've been testing the SW on an RTL-SDR as an inexpensive spectrum analyzer. I was having some problems, but I think I've worked them out. It does give good relative readings which are helpful in VHF amplifier testing and band pass filter testing. Still not sure what the notation 'dBFS...
    byeos@... 12 Mar
  • Thanks, found it. Will the software ever be modified to make it work on Windows 10?
    byeos@... 12 Mar
  • Is there a way to adjust the gain while using RTL-SDR? I am currently getting over 50db of gain and would like to have less. Thanks Dennis
    byeos@... 10 Mar
  • I am sorry, but this email list will not allow posting of email addresses. You can see my web site at RADIO TELESCOPE | FarrOut RADIO TELESCOPE | FarrOut I have decided to give up the quest for the holy grail of imaging visual objects. View on www.farrout.org Preview by Yahoo
    byeos@... Apr 8, 2016
  • Thanks That moves the bottom line, but not the top.
    byeos@... Apr 7, 2016