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  • Mystery solved. I had unzipped in my download folder and had used the program from that location for some time. I then decides it should be located off the C:/ drive so I copied the entire folder over there. The default database remained over in the download folder so it worked fine. The confusion The path to the db is not shown in tools / preferences because initial set up...
    doug_r_lewis@... 22 May
  • For me it loads fine (win10) However it does not recognize my two dongles so I cannot select one of them. The 32 bit version recognizes both and I can select either?
    doug_r_lewis@... 22 May
  • Hi A) I would prefer the import but when I try to do that my "production version" location folder does not have the required XML file requested -- can this be recreated? B) (From the new version folder) after launch - When I go the tools/preferences/options route and select the data base in my "production version" folder... the group list still comes up empty? When I go to my...
    doug_r_lewis@... 18 May
  • I currently have 3 versions installed (to preserve certain version sensitive plugins). They all work well. However I would like to populate them each with a common frequency data set used for scanning by fm+scanner. This set exists in my main version 1426.which I have spent much time creating scan goups. I have tried all found tutorials - export, import, changing db path ect and...
    doug_r_lewis@... 17 May
  • This may be a different topic but I was wondering how to migrate the frequency database to another instance on a different computer, I tried a direct copy but that does not work. Thanks D
    doug_r_lewis@... Feb 28, 2016