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  • Hi Henk, Have you run the included batch file ... install-rtlsdr.bat ? If not, run it and try again. HTH, Pete. ---In SDRSharp@^$1, wrote : Hello I use sdr# 1426 and it runs fine. I have downloaded sdr# 1577 and I get the error "no device selected". I cant get it to run with rtl dongel. rtlsdr.dll is in the sdr# directory. Is it no longer compatible? Best regards Henk
    philobarb@... 27 Jun
  • Hi Ken, You can change the maximum size of the bandwidth by modifying the value in this key ... which is found in the SDRSharp.exe.Config file Sorry, can't help with any of the rest of your query. Good Hunting, Pete. ---In SDRSharp@^$1, wrote : I’m trying to receive the EMWIN (Emergency Manager’s Weather Information Network) signal from the GOES satellites. Modulation is OQPSK...
    philobarb@... 5 May
  • Hi Dennis, A bit OT perhaps - just a thought - have you looked at ... https://eartoearoak.com/software/rtlsdr-scanner you can use it to scan a predefined region, and export the scan output as a CSV file. Pete. ---In SDRSharp@^$1, wrote : I may use the term spectrum analyzer loosely. What I do is set the frequency in SDR# for multiple spots in the area I want to observe, then record...
    philobarb@... 13 Mar
  • Did you run install-rtlsdr.bat after installing v1491 ? Pete. ---In SDRSharp@^$1, wrote : Not upgraded for a while , just installed the latest V to windows 7 64 bit Odd situation , I can use sdr version 1443 , found in the -x86 directory - work fine , set RTL usb But running sdr v 1491, not seeing the dongle in the device select box , part of driver pop up Used the zadig found in...
    philobarb@... 25 Jan
  • Just a thought ... what version Firmware are you using ? V1.0.0-rc5 was the first to support external clock rate sync ( IIRC ), and you say that you have an early release of Airspy, so it may not have been updated to fc5 or later. HTH Pete,
    philobarb@... Aug 1, 2016
  • Hi Joel, Similar to SDR Console ... In SDR# : Set up your FCDpp for gain and ppm offset choose NFM at 10000 Hz bandwidth in Radio Audio in should be your FCDpp - whatever device Windows configures it as, samplerate 192000 Audio out can be speakers - ( set to 16 bit 48000 Hz in Audio Devices in Windows ) set Filter Audio off In AFSK1200 : select Input as StereoMix ( again, Stereo...
    philobarb@... May 17, 2016
  • Hi, you may like to look at this ... http://eartoearoak.com/software/rtlsdr-scanner scanner with a lot of good options, works with cheap dongles. Pete. ---In SDRSharp@^$1, wrote : I think this applications should be extended for the cheep RTL dongles in near future so all can have a simple spectrum analyzers for crystal filter making, checking spectral purity of home brewed...
    philobarb@... Mar 17, 2016
  • Hi Andy, Try modifying this key in SDRSharp.exe.Config ... key="minOutputSampleRate" value="32000" I've set it up to 48000 with no apparent problems Pete. ---In SDRSharp@^$1, wrote : Hi. Does anyone know if it's possible to increase the USB filter bandwidth ? I'm using an RTL dongle with TXCO to monitor Inmarsat. The dongle it tuned to around 1535 MHz. It's been noticed that over a...
    philobarb@... Mar 14, 2016
  • Just a thought ... have you run the install-rtlsdr batch file after installing SDR# ?? Pete.
    philobarb@... Nov 21, 2015
  • Hi, Just a comment - I have been testing 1411, and I've noticed that the ZoomFFT controls, and SNR sidebar, don't work for SDR-IQ radio ; they are fine with FCD ProPlus and Airspy. and a thought - is it possible to re-factor the code so that functions that seem to have commonality aren't apparently hardware dependent ? ( and it is just a thought - I'm no coder !! ). Cheers, Pete.
    philobarb@... Oct 12, 2015