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  • Note the first sentence in the Data Tools Wizard file format definition says " A generic file import must have all of these fields, even if blank or empty". You have to supply all columns in the list. Be sure that is done first. If you still have problems email me at the address in the User's Guide and send me your CSV and I'll try to help. Thanks, Jeff
    sdrs.freqmgr@... 12 Jun
  • Hi, my apologies for not responding sooner. True, the label for the current database doesn't itself show the full path; I should have been clearer. You only need to click the button that lets you look for databases and it should open to the currently-selected database folder. I'm glad you got it working, and again I apologize for the lateness of my response. Cheers, Jeff
    sdrs.freqmgr@... 25 May
  • All 5 current versions of FMSuite use the same database structure. If you know where your current Frequency Manager + Scanner is, simply point all copies of Frequency Manager + Scanner to the same database. You can see the currently-selected database (if you don't remember where it is) at the bottom of Tools > Edit Preferences > Frequency Manager tab. Alternatively, if you don't...
    sdrs.freqmgr@... 17 May
  • This error occurs generally when there is a platform mismatch between SDR# and FMSuite. For example if you are using SDR# 64-bit, the FMSuite 32-bit version will not work. Please make sure both SDR# and FMSuite are the same platform, either x64 or x32. Thanks. Jeff
    sdrs.freqmgr@... 17 May
  • Please move the setup program out of the SDR# folder. Part of the setup kit's validation process is to confirm that none of the required files are in use - so when it checks the EXEs in the SDR# folder it finds itself already in use. Jeff
    sdrs.freqmgr@... 17 May
  • Thanks everyone for your patience. The FMSuite plugins are once again compatible with the changes in SDR# v1560. There are separate downloads for 32-bit and 64-bit SDR#, so be sure that you install the correct version. Jeff N8GJL
    sdrs.freqmgr@... 13 May
  • Hi Cornel. Thanks for the kind comments. What you are asking for is technically feasible. However I believe other plugin makers have already created audio recording plugins, and I think at least one is tied to Squelch so that it won't record if there is now audio. You can Google the web for these and also take a look at http://www.rtl-sdr.com/sdrsharp-plugins/ Thanks for trying my...
    sdrs.freqmgr@... Jun 27, 2016
  • Jeeez I take one day off from the internet and all hell breaks loose !! Greg, I'm glad you got it working. Everyone else who contributed to solving the problem: thanks for your time and help. You are my MVPs! Jeff N8GJL
    sdrs.freqmgr@... Jun 27, 2016
  • Hi Les. FMSuite is a free set of plugins for SDR# that add a scanner, a full-featured database, importing and exporting internet radio station databases, graphs about station activity, activity logging, a scheduler for tuning the radio when required, and a ton of other goodies. You can download it from my web site Frequency Manager Suite . Also on my site is a set of pre-build WFM...
    sdrs.freqmgr@... Jun 27, 2016
  • Thanks Dave and Ignacio for filling in for me. And thanks Greg for trying my software. Cheers, Jeff
    sdrs.freqmgr@... Jun 26, 2016