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  • New OMNIRIG SDR# feature some day so hams can use Airspy+ ???
    wb8yqj@... 24 Jul
  • Thanks!
    wb8yqj@... 14 May
  • Using Win7 Professional 64 bit. SDRSharp 1560 is now closing Afedri at program close without locking up - that is great. - The Waterfall Gradient is still not being saved when changed. - The Frequency Manager which had been working is now not setting frequencies for me, was working in previous versions. - RF Gain value is being changed and saved for Afedri (behind GEAR icon) but always displays -10db. de Wb8yqj
    wb8yqj@... 12 May
  • Hi Burkhard, I have also had good success compiling your source code with .NET! Working great with v1489 and Win7 Great Work and thanks de Don Wb8yqj Carlsbad, Ca. USA
    wb8yqj@... Nov 18, 2016
  • Would sure like to see OMNI-RIG in SDR Sharp. HDSDR, SDR Console, and SDR Uno have this. de Don Wb8yqj
    wb8yqj@... Nov 16, 2016
  • Hi Burkhard, This PlugIn is working great with v1489 and Win7 Great Work and thanks de Don Wb8yqj Carlsbad, Ca. USA Hi, Levelmeter v06 is released now. It's a bugfix for using frequency shift (for up converter).
    wb8yqj@... Nov 15, 2016
  • Does anyone know if there has ever been a way for SDR# to sync a separate radio to it's frequency using OmniRig or something like it? de Wb8yqj Don
    wb8yqj@... Jun 18, 2016
  • Thanks Henry, Up until SDR# V1400 the following line would add the Levelmeter to SDR# But with V1444 now, this line is ignored. It seems like the main program is no longer looking to activate LevelMeter. ======================================================================== Sounds like the time the plugins got moved to “plugins.xml” still working more or less the same as...
    wb8yqj@... Jun 9, 2016
  • I am locked into using v1332 if I want to use S-Meter plugins. I dont know when the Plugin option was removed but would like it restored if possible so I can update my SDR# version. de Wb8yqj Don Carlsbad, Ca.
    wb8yqj@... Jun 8, 2016
  • I am looking to gauge interest in this plugin, I have not made them available for download at this time. Always looking for hi-res photos of nice analog meters. SDR Meters and Afedri SDR Meters and Afedri Having downloaded the Open Source for the Afedri Box Software, I have the progra... View on tinyurl.com Preview by Yahoo
    wb8yqj@... Mar 26, 2015