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Band II Sporadic E Loggings for 16 October 2017

Hi All, Today in the early afternoon I wanted to check Band II for some tropospheric DX. Very surprised to find a few weak Italian language stations at the
Janpeter van Dijk
16 Oct

Re: Band II Tropospheric Loggings for 15 October 2017

It's not over yet. Sweden now coming in here. 97.0 Horby. Good DX! John. On 15/10/2017 22:25, Janpeter van Dijk janpeter_van_dijk@... ... This email
John Faulkner
15 Oct

Band II Tropospheric Loggings for 15 October 2017

Hi All, Band II tropospheric conditions today were similar to yesterday. Yet with greater intensity and more widespread. A nice DX day, with the band being
Janpeter van Dijk
15 Oct

Band II Tropospheric Loggings for 14 October 2017

Hi All, A gradual development of tropospheric enhancement on Band II throughout the day. Nothing spectacular, but it is good to have something to hunt for.
Janpeter van Dijk
14 Oct

Re: Interference from neighbours flourescent strip light - RFI quest

hello Paul, it's possible to use a battery instead of the power supply. I had the same problem and it was the poor quality power supply that was the source of
13 Oct

Tropo > Switzerland

Säntis on 99.9, 101.5, 105.6 and 107.8! Good DX. Nick, Whitchurch, Hampshire. BW Broadcast RBRX Encore, Kenwood L-1000T, Yamaha T-2, Denon TU-800L, Kenwood
12 Oct

Interference from neighbours flourescent strip light - RFI question.

 Hi all, over the last while I have been getting a lot of interference at MF and HF but a few nights ago it's level went through the roof. I have located the
Paul Logan
12 Oct

: Re: [SkywavesDX] VHF band III DVB-T usage

Thank you. I wonder how it is elsewhere in the world ... Mauno
10 Oct

Tropo logs 3-4th October 2017

Virtually all France during this tropo, with Hornisgrinde being the only German tx logged. The duct at best extended all the way down to the Perpignan/Pic
8 Oct

Re:: Tropo to Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg

hi nick thanks for that, just for your info I am using the same antenna as you are the Körner 9.2 , I have it for about a year now, it was one of the last
6 Oct

R Baltika back 104.8//105.5

The russian Radio Baltika now is back again, on 104.8 from Sankt Peterburg and 105.5 from Pappula, Vyborg. 73, ilkka
ilkka suni
5 Oct

Re:: Tropo to Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg

Some very nice logs there Paul. Here it was almost all France yesterday, right down as far as Perpignan on the Mediterranean coast. Hornisgrinde was the only
5 Oct

Tropo to Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg

some good tropo to the south and southwest of Germany this evening here some of my logs this evening
4 Oct

Band II Tropospheric Loggings for 4 October 2017

Hi All, A tiny bit of Band II tropo today. Best regards, Janpeter van Dijk, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands Wednesday 4 October 2017 Band II Tropospheric Loggings:
Janpeter van Dijk
4 Oct

Re: Ukraine on 95.4 MHz

Thank you for your help Janpeter! Den 2017-10-03 kl. 19:12, skrev Janpeter van Dijk janpeter_van_dijk@... [SkywavesDX]:   Hi, On 95.4 MHz Pershe radio
Gert Nilsson
3 Oct
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