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Re: Volcanic ashes and DX conditions

... Great ! It is a bit strange that this repeater has very little traffic when I hear it. I would have expected that many European hams would use it, similar
Jurgen Bartels

Re: Volcanic ashes and DX conditions

I do wonder if there may be a tenuous connection with the forthcoming Es season. There is a theory that Es are linked with noctilucent clouds and that the more
nick gilly

Re: Volcanic ashes and DX conditions

Hello Jurgen! Thank you for your comments on volcanic ashes and airscatter reception. I've just sent a message to our regional ham radio distro. I believe they
pu3hag - h. garcia
24 Apr

Re: Volcanic ashes and DX conditions

... No, only an indirect affect here in Europe was observed: Because of the flight ban we learned how much airplane scatter normally contributes to our FM-DX.
Jurgen Bartels
24 Apr

Volcanic ashes and DX conditions

Hello, Chilean Calbuco volcano erupted this week and has been ejecting tons of vocanic ashes to the atmosphere. Is there any correlation noticed by the
24 Apr

FMLIST logbook

A major bug has recently been reported, and hopefully has been fixed now: When entering a log at certain times of day, the log was incorrectly considered to be
Günter Lorenz
24 Apr

strange cx

While south of me 6m skips go to BRA / ARG I now (2000z) get a sudden peak of NYC taxis on 30-31 MHz, the first time after about 4 weeks of absense The TEC map
Jurgen Bartels
24 Apr
John Faulkner, Skegness
24 Apr

Es About

Nothing B2 as yet Andy, M0CYP - Telford http://www.apritch.myby.co.uk/uiview.htm http://www.apritch.myby.co.uk/radioprop.htm
Andy Pritchard
24 Apr

Re: Norway FM closing

DAB DX is amazing !My record is 900 km on a indoor 6 elements Yagi without amplifier ! More amazing logs done one day later in Germany: Datum: 12. Februar 2015
Radio Stations
23 Apr

Band II Tropospheric Loggings for 23 April 2015

Hi All, The tropospheric Band II conditions continue to float around. Rather unusual for this time of year. Best regards, Janpeter van Dijk, Zoetermeer, The
Janpeter van Dijk
23 Apr

Re: Norway FM closing

And UK DAB too (!): Two DAB networks from Britain was caught in Prague ...  Good DX. Nick, Whitchurch, Hampshire. Kenwood L-1000T, Yamaha T-2, Sony ST-SA5ES,
nick gilly
23 Apr

Re: Norway FM closing

That is amazing! Norwegian DAB in Prague! That must be well over 1000 km.  Good DX. Nick, Whitchurch, Hampshire. Kenwood L-1000T, Yamaha T-2, Sony ST-SA5ES,
nick gilly
23 Apr

norway fm latest info

Hi For a list of NRK station closures and dates visit www.nrk.no/informasjon/slik-slukkes-fm-nettet-1.12319113 The page is in Norwegian but can be translated
edward baker
23 Apr

Re: Norway FM closing

Hi Niels, Thanks for the demo. I would not know whether that is common, just an exception. or otherwise a comfort. The progress being as it is, I would find it
ilkka suni
23 Apr
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