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Tobacco Control ACT comes into effect from April 1 today

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  • Directorate_Of_Health_Services
    Tobacco Control ACT comes into effect from April 1 today Directorate of Health Services, New Delhi, India ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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      Tobacco Control ACT comes into effect from April 1 today
      Directorate of Health Services, New Delhi, India

      Public Notice
      (Issued by Directorate of Health Services)

      The Cigarettes and others Tobacco Products [Prohibition of
      Advertisement and Regulation of Trade and Commerce Production, Supply
      and distribution (Second Amendment )] Rule 2005 is enforced in whole
      of India including Delhi w.e.f. 01-04-2006, under this amended

      1- The point of sale advertisement boards for tobacco products/
      smoking substances shall not exceed 60 cm x 45 cm. Each of these
      boards should contain the specified HEALTH WARNING like "TOBACCO
      CAUSES CANCER", or "TOBACCO KILLS" occupying the top edge of the
      Board measuring 20 cm x 15 cm and the display board shall only list
      the type of tobacco product at the point of sale, with out any
      mention of the brand name or other promotional message or picture.

      2- Indirect advertisement like display of cigarette and other tobacco
      products at the point of sale and use of name or brand name of
      tobacco products for marketing, promotion and advertisement of other
      goods/ services is prohibited.

      3- All vending machines selling cigarettes and other tobacco products
      shall also have to be removed.

      4- No individual or a person or character in cinema or TV programmes
      shall display tobacco product or their use like smoking scene etc
      except in the case of Documentary film, health spots made to clarify
      the dangerous and dire consequences of tobacco use/ smoking.

      5- However, cinema and television programmes which have been produced
      prior to the notification and have scenes with smoking situation and
      use of other forms of tobacco, it shall be mandatory to place a
      health warning as prominent scroll at the bottom of the television or
      cinema screen with font in black colour on white background which is
      legible readable . The text of the warning shall be 'Smoking causes
      cancer' or 'Smoking kills' for smoking form of tobacco use
      and 'Tobacco causes cancer' or `Tobacco kills' for chewing and other
      form of tobacco. The health warning shall be in the same language/s
      as used in the cinema or the television programme.

      6- The products of films, TV serials and health spots and concerned
      managers of cinema Hall, Govt./ Local Cable T.V Channels etc may see
      the detail of the notification of Govt. of India dated 30-11-05 on
      transmission / telecast strategy on Delhi Govt. website

      7- Violation of the amended Act by the concerned authority is

      8- This public notice is in continuation of our previous notice
      published in different news papers in Delhi w.e.f 14 Dec to 18 Dec
      2005, which is applicable to all establishments including Govt

      Directorate of Health Services, New Delhi
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