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234Rope sizes to scale

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  • Gerry Elvy
    Mar 20, 2006
      Good morning Michael and Barge Group:
      I have a question and would appreciate the help.
      I am in the process of making my own rope, (for fun) as I have been able to make a rope walk following the suggestions and plans from a fellow model builder. The problem is that I don't know the scale size of the different ropes that were used on a Thames Barge and have no way of finding out other than you folks over there. I have been able to make the ratlines fairly accurate and they look good but it ends there.
      If someone could tell me the size of approx. size of the ropes used on a working barge I can then work out the scale myself if necessary.
      Thanks in advance for all the help that has been provided so far.
      Barge over here is coming along nicely, and hope to launch this summer. (IF IT EVER COMES)
      Gerry Elvy
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