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241Re: [Thames_Barges] Re: Rope and rigging thicknesses

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  • Gerry Elvy
    Apr 17, 2006
      Hi Mike:
      Well in working with the measurements you so graciously provided I have come to the conclusion that my buddy was right. Those are cir. 
       rather than dia.
      But would really like to know if I and he were right.
      By the way, model is coming along quite well.
      Trying to figure out how to seal the hull so that it won't leak. Have considered using a product called "Tremclad" which is a water proof paint used to prevent rust on steel. Problem arose when  the pins I used to secure each plank, left holes. Hopefully this will do the job.
      By the way haven't heard from Mike Land lately, is he ok?
      Another thing would it be better to corr. with you at you personal address rather than Yahoo groups?
      Thanks for the help.
      Have a great day.
      Gerry Elvy
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