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263Thames Sailing Barge No. 109881 'Dannebrog'

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  • nb.alnwick
    Oct 23, 2006
      I am the owner of a narrowboat built by R. W Davis of Saul, Glos. The
      boat was built as a prototype to accommodate a Kelvin K3 marine diesel
      engine - the engine fitted to our boat was originally fitted to the
      sailing barge 'Dannebrog' by Richard's Ironworks of Lowestoft in 1954;
      I have copies of the invoice, delivery note and associated paperwork.

      The late George Bergius, who designed the engine believed that the
      unit supplied in 1954 would have been a replacement for an earlier but
      similar engine - he based his assumption on the fact that no control
      equipment or installation materials were supplied with it. R W Davis
      acquired the engine for restoration at the end of 1993.

      I am trying to find out more about the 'Dannebrog' - so far I have
      established that it was acquired from Pauls by the contractors
      developing St. Katherines Dock during the 1970s and that it may have
      been on display there for about twenty years before being towed to the
      Rochester area where it may have been broken up.

      It would be especially helpful if I could trace a photograph of the

      Can anyone help?

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