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  • ...put you in touch with the type of person you need. See: http://www.lady-daphne.co.uk/contact_us.htm Good luck! Mike Wignall www.thamesmatch.co.uk --- In Thames_Barges@^$1, "paulelliott26" wrote: > > Is there anyone who has built a model of Lady Daphne? I would like to...
    Mike Wignall Feb 11, 2009
  • People who model the barges will have this info - from way back. You need to contact AMBO. See here: http://www.tradboat2.co.uk/barges/bargemodelling/bargebuild/sources.htm Good luck, Mike WWW.thamesmatch.co.uk
    Mike Wignall Jan 6, 2007
  • ...and R & W Paul (1967). (Photo p. 32, Down Topsail) Source: "Bob's Book Of Barges" [unpublished] HTH. Regards, Mike Wignall www.thamesmatch.co.uk --- In Thames_Barges@^$1, "nb.alnwick" wrote: > > I am the owner of a narrowboat built by R. W Davis of Saul, Glos. The...
    Mike Wignall Nov 1, 2006
  • For "sight" read "site"! Regards, Mike Wignall --- In Thames_Barges@^$1, "Mike Wignall" wrote: > > Please visit the sight for the latest info. > > Regards, > > Mike Wignall >
    Mike Wignall Jun 26, 2006
  • Please visit the sight for the latest info. Regards, Mike Wignall
    Mike Wignall Jun 26, 2006
  • ...hamesmatch@^$1 - I'm on the committee that organises this long standing barge match [established 1863] and run the website at - www.thamesmatch.co.uk Regards, Mike Thames_Barges@^$2 wrote: There are 2 messages in this issue. Topics in this digest: 1. Re: Rope and rigging...
    Mike Wignall Apr 24, 2006
  • Gerry, Sorry about the delay. Interesting? Yes! I wondered about exactly this question when I was working thro' Bagshaw's book. Now you've popped the embarrassing question! I was in the RN myself but that was getting on for 2 decades ago. I cannot remember what the norm was then! However, even if I could, it still wouldn't help as we're talking about bargemen in the 19??'s! I need...
    Mike Wignall Apr 17, 2006
  • Gerry, Your question does not have a simple answer! There are dozens of different sets of standing and running rigging. Some are natural fibre - others flexible steel wire rope. However, on working thro' the following: BAGSHAW, Captain Harry, "Re-fit: Unrigging And Rigging Thames Spritsail Coasting Barge Scone", privately published, n.d. [2002]. Harry Bagshaw recounted the work of...
    Mike Wignall Mar 23, 2006
  • ...available this year. However there are 3 vessels which will be taking spectators. For their contact details please see here: www.thamesmatch.co.uk Any queries contact me. Regards, Mike Wignall Thames Match Committee
    Mike Wignall Mar 19, 2006
  • Dave, I don't think that the lettering is likely to be a barge name. It would not warrant having a special place on a business sign unless a particular barge was special and thus a unique selling point. Any barge name would have been on the carving itself, I'd say. So ... GRAIN ... I would say are a couple of words describing the type of trade Daniels was involved in. This board is...
    Mike Wignall Mar 18, 2006