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166Re: [Thames_Barges_2] Any Remains Of Anglia?

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    Mar 7, 2007
      Hi Mike
      It was probably me doing the reporting ...
      Anglia broke her back here when given a 'poor' mooring, so I am told. I took photos of what was left of her a couple of years ago, but I think things may have changed now as someone was building (?)houseboats at that location last time I looked. Yes there was fire damage and not much left. On the opposite side of the canal entrance is the remains of the Viking - there is quite a good photo of her in a little ships book and I've seen the same on the 'net.
      Not seen your photo of the rudder bbut there is the remaons of the Mayflower's stempost between the pub and the old canal lock.
      If I have time, I'll look tomorrow.

      Mike Wignall <thamesmatch@...> wrote:
      If you see here:

      http://simplywhitst able.mysite. wanadoo-members. co.uk/barge7. htm

      there is mention of Anglia suffering fire damage. Does anyone know if
      she sank off the lock to the so called "Strood Canal"? The correct
      name is the Medway entrance to the Thames & Medway Canal.


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