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  • If you see here: http://simplywhitstable.mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/barge7.htm there is mention of Anglia suffering fire damage. Does anyone know if she sank off the lock to the so called "Strood Canal"? The correct name is the Medway entrance to the Thames & Medway Canal. Mike
    Mike Wignall Mar 6, 2007
  • I wonder if anyone can shed light on the top section of a barge rudder that lies immediately below what I assume is Strood Promenade [for want of a better name]. The location is just oppossite Strood station next to a car parking area. It is adjacent to the pier that has th ex Soviet submarine on the end of it. I'm enclosing a pic of the rudder - seen thro' about a foot of water...
    Mike Wignall Mar 6, 2007
  • Michael, The maps are fascinating. There's something about them ... that encourages the imagination ... Re the name .. I've a PLA map of the docks 1921 and "St. Katharine Docks" was in use then. It's in two digital files [1.5MB total] if you'd like a copy. Regards, Mike
    Mike Wignall Feb 11, 2007
  • ...Redcar beach were interesting. What puzzles me is she watertight when bolted together? What happened when the tide came in? Mike www.thamesmatch.co.uk PS Re your "Southend" personal e-mails to me ... your Tiscali server has bounced my last two posts to you. Thought I'd let...
    Mike Wignall Sep 7, 2006
  • Michael, Is it a digital camera? Is it that you cannot retrieve the image files off the data card? If so I can recommend retrieval software. Mike --- In Thames_Barges_2@^$1, "Michael Land" wrote: > > Probably the best photos that I took during the Thames Match cannot be > retrieved from my camera. I am desperately seeking photos of Will > particularly when she was bearing away from...
    Mike Wignall Jul 22, 2006
  • Michael, I'll check and get back to you! Mike --- In Thames_Barges_2@^$1, "Michael Land" wrote: > > Hello Mike > Did you happen to get a photo of Iolo receiving the Gold Belt Trophy? > If so and you'd like to see that in the next SSBR Newsletter could you > email Charles Traill with it at oastfen@^$2.. >
    Mike Wignall Jul 21, 2006
  • To all, I've updated [No. 45] the match website with Saturday's results - July 15. See here: www.thamesmatch.co.uk Regards, Mike
    Mike Wignall Jul 17, 2006
  • Just a "heads up" ... only 4 days until the Thames Match this year. All you need to know is on the website here: www.thamesmatch.co.uk I shall be there taking photos for the site. Regards, Mike Wignall
    Mike Wignall Jul 10, 2006