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Films wanted

The Marx Brothers are the greatest! They've been my favorite team since junior high school. Over the years I have endeavored to collect every scrap of film
Fredric M. London
Jun 15, 2008


I've been a marx brothers fan since I was a kid and I'm spoiled by growing up in an age of great comedians and am dissapointed by the trash they push today.
Jan 31, 2004

check out my new our miss brooks-eve arden-gale gordon club

Greetings I thought I would invite various people to check out a new yahoo group that I just started and welcome them to join if they find it of interest
Jan 31, 2004


Hello csdench, I haven't been around lately, but welcome to the Marx Brothers Group. Hope to meet up with you soon, with more information on the Marx Brothers.
Groucho Marx
Jan 8, 2003

Greetings to those who love comedy and fun

Greetings to those who love comedy and fun. There are no real rules here except to keep the language "somewhat clean"...LOL The number 1 rule is always have
Groucho Marx
Oct 13, 2002
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