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Laura Ward
28 Mar
Re: Information and support groups Hi Steven, My little boy, Bruce has achondroplasia. He is 7. I'm a member of a few groups. I have found the most helpful and positive to be little people uk.
Maureen Carnie
12 Jan
Information and support groups Hi Our daughter was born three weeks ago and has been diagnosed with achondroplasia. Therefore we are both keen to gather as much information and support in
Steven Gale
12 Jan
Re: Season's Greetings Have a wonderful season and good health throughout the years ahead. God Bless   Kim TAN On Thursday, 19 December 2013, 8:43, "robpegs@..."
Kim Chai
Dec 20, 2013
Season's Greetings Season's Greeting and best wishes to all for 2014. Rob
Dec 19, 2013
Claiming DLA for Achondroplasia Dear Karen, I hope you do not mind my cheekiness but I was on the internet looking up how to claim DLA for a child of 3 with achondroplasia and spotted your
Alison Hauxwell
Dec 12, 2013
Expert Help Neeeded Hello, Hope this finds you well. I am looking or a specialist hospital/ individual practitioner who deals with people who have Achondroplasia and was wondering
Katie Collis
Dec 12, 2013
Re: Beds Hi Sarjfin Try asking local Disability & Mobility Centre. They maybe able to help you. Will pass on to ask around, too. Best wishes   Kim TAN On Tuesday, 26
Kim Chai
Nov 26, 2013
Beds Hello my name is Sarah, I have Achondroplasia, as well as cerebral palsy and am looking for a bed which can be adjustable for my size. I am 3 foot 10 but has
Nov 25, 2013
Re: (unknown) Hi,Val thanks for reply,I am in Peterborough UK
Nov 4, 2013
(no subject) hi Lisa, nice to hear from you. yes i am in Peterborough-UK. Im really concerned about my daughter's development. i want to know from people with Achon... as
Nov 4, 2013
Re: Help Hi Gabrielle, I'm glad that I could be of some help. Don't despair about the situation because from our experience there wouldn't have been much intervention
Joan Scott
Nov 1, 2013
Re: Help Dear Joan, Your reply is just what I needed to hear. It is good to hear that someone understands my concerns. As you say eventually something will be done  as
Gabrielle Cumming
Nov 1, 2013
Re: Help Thank you for that. My son and daughter have very high powered jobs with lots of foreign travel and missed all the development tests hence nothing being done
Gabrielle Cumming
Nov 1, 2013
Re: Help Hello, I am not an expert but I don't think your grandaughter's got achondroplasia. Does she have trident fingers? However I do think that she might have
Veronique Walraven
Nov 1, 2013
Help It is worried granny back! I have left message before and still haven't done anything definite about it in case I offend my daughter in law and incur the wrath
Nov 1, 2013
Re: Micro scooters Yes it was the one with the seat that I was looking at, I think you have confirmed that this would be a good buy for Mylo. Thanks for your help.
Joan Scott
Oct 31, 2013
Re: Micro scooters i honestly cant remember, about 2 i think but they do one now with a removable seat (that wasnt out when fern was that age, she is nearlly 8 now). it was
Oct 31, 2013
Re: Micro scooters Many thanks for your reply. How old was your daughter when she started using the scooter and is hypochondroplasia very different from achondroplasia?
Joan Scott
Oct 31, 2013
Re: Micro scooters there has been a similar question on facebook this week and nearlly everyone is recommending the micro scooter. my daughter has one and gets on great with it
Oct 31, 2013
Micro scooters My grandson is 28 months old and has achondroplasia. For Christmas I would like to buy him some sort of ride on toy. I have been looking at the Mini Micro
Oct 31, 2013
(no subject) Hi sadia my names Lisa I have a son Jamie now 4 1/2 with achondroplasia also my partner tony has as well, are you in the uk
Oct 3, 2013
Re: (unknown) Hi Sadia Nice to hear from you through the Achondroplasia Group. Are you in Peterborough England or USA? I am in England, and can put you in touch with other
Sep 30, 2013
(no subject) Hello. me n my husband are both average height.My Duaghter Fizza is 21 months old and has achondraplasia.No one in our family has this condition.I live in
Sep 30, 2013
Toys Hiya Everyone My niece Tyler Louise was diagnosed with hyper-achondraplasia at a few months old, she is now 2 and a half and the light of our lives. We are
Sep 30, 2013
Re: hypochondroplasia Hi Please share ho you obtain dla motability. Leon born with the condition only received lower rate with care. He has been trying to get motability without
Kim Chai
Sep 23, 2013
Re: hypochondroplasia Hi there. Did you manage to get dla or motability as i have this condition and recieve nothing . thanks
Sep 23, 2013
Re: Advice for seating Hi Eve  I recollect your pain when my son was 51/2 months. He can't sit up but eventually roll about around 1 year plus. She takes longer to than normal to
Kim Chai
Sep 5, 2013
Re: Advice for seating Hello Eve, It is very common for children with achondroplasia to have low muscle tone. And many milestones can take longer to achieve. Good support is very
Veronique Walraven
Sep 5, 2013
Advice for seating My daughter Tasha is 5 1/2 months old. Achon was suspected in utero, as was down 's because she had very short limbs and a largish head. Once she was born, a
Sep 5, 2013
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