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Re: Surgeon who specialises in spinal decompression?

Dear C Hayden Try Oxford team as they are good with children on bbc brain surgery. They should be able to recommend. Source a website for you to call if it
24 Aug

Surgeon who specialises in spinal decompression?

Hello Support Group and everyone! We live in Berkshire, UK . Does anyone know or can recommend an Orthopaedic surgeon or Neurosurgeon who is experienced in
Charlotte Hayden
24 Aug

Re: : Bringing baby home from hospital

Hi Katie, I found out at 36 weeks that my little boy, Bruce had achondroplasia. I had a c section but that was because I had 2 other children by section.
Mo Dee
14 May

Re: : Bringing baby home from hospital

Hi Kate, It's a tricky one this. I found out about our son having achondroplasia at 33 weeks. The consultant encouraged me to have a natural birth. I had
Kate Betts
14 May

Re:: Bringing baby home from hospital

Do you have Achondroplasia too, Katie? If so, yes, you should get a C-section. If you are of average height, then it is possible to have a normal birth.
veronique walraven
14 May

Re: : Bringing baby home from hospital

Alot of our children werent diagnosed until after birth so I think many of us had a normal delivery. I have read about c-section too but thought it was due to
29 Apr

Re: : Bringing baby home from hospital

first of all hun stop worring. my daughter has 5 kids 3 have acon. yes they  are a little more work at first but dont worry make sure you get in touch with
Tracey Lockwood
29 Apr
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Re: : Bringing baby home from hospital

Dear Katie Yes experts and specialist team will be around during delivery. Pray that birth of baby will come out fine without complication like mine had tear
28 Apr

: Bringing baby home from hospital

Hello I'm 36weeks pregnant and have just found out that my lil girl has achondroplasia too . I've been told that giving birth is dangerous and that I should
28 Apr

Re: Bringing baby home from hospital

Hi Candice There are some health supervision guidlines published for achondroplasia in 2005. They are really easy to find via google and the little people of
9 Apr

Re: Bringing baby home from hospital

Dear Candace Do not despair as in this group there will be support plus you will have teams of health to advice too refer by your Paediatrician and GP. My son
9 Apr

Bringing baby home from hospital

Hello We've had several scans over the last week and the probable diagnosis for our little one we have been told is Achondroplasia. We are at week 40 and so
candace macintyre
9 Apr

Re: Speech

Hi Jeanette, thank you for your reply. It sounds like Monty and Abi are very similar in terms of their speech and I'm really glad to hear that monty's speech
leanne bailey
24 Feb

: RE: [achondroplasiauk] Speech

Thank you so much for your replies Kim and Gabi. I feel a lot more reassured knowing that Abi will talk properly eventually. At almost 4 year old I was
24 Feb

Re: Speech

Hello Leanne, Our son Monty is 4 years 4 months and has been wearing hearing aids in both ears since he was age 2 due to presumed glue ear.  Monty's hearing
Jeanette Christie
23 Feb
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