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: Dynamic range and Net operation with HDSDR

Alex, There is SDR_Network_Control_Box that is ExtIO plugin for Winrad compatible applications like: Winrad, HDSDR, SDRUno etc. in same time it can be used as
13 Nov

: Dynamic range and Net operation with HDSDR

Just so that I can understand better. The hardware comes with a unique ExtIO /DLL software subroutine that interfaces the HDSDR program to the Afedri
13 Nov

: Dynamic range and Net operation with HDSDR

The Afedri-Net works with both USB and Ethernet connectivity. Initally you must configure the radio using USB to setup network mode, IP address etc. Once
12 Nov

: Dynamic range and Net operation with HDSDR

Hello Alex, 1.The Wide band Dynamic range is mostly defined by AFEDRi8201 chip - you can read the chip specification from datasheet. 2. I am sorry , I am
12 Nov

Dynamic range and Net operation with HDSDR

Hello Alex, I read through your specifications but may have missed it so I am sending you this message with my questions as follows: 1) For a given gain
12 Nov

SV: Re:: SV: [afedrisdr] Re:: S-meter question

 Interesting. Did not know about that setting. 73,Ingemar, SM0ECF Den måndag, 16 oktober 2017 22:35 skrev "Anthony Casorso canthony15@... [afedrisdr]"
Ingemar Lekteus
17 Oct

Re: : SV: [afedrisdr] Re:: S-meter question

SDR Console V3 allows you to set up a gain offset for the receiver so that you can compensate for the actual receiver gain and still have an accurate S-meter.
Anthony Casorso
16 Oct

SV: : SV: [afedrisdr] Re:: S-meter question

 Alex, After looking further into this I realize that the S-meter scaling must be correct. Although S units and dBm are not shown at the same time it seems
Ingemar Lekteus
16 Oct

: SV: [afedrisdr] Re:: S-meter question

Ingemar, If "S-meter reading (in dBm) in SDR Console does not change" with RF Gain - I suppose it is correct behavior - because signal power does not depends
16 Oct

SV: [afedrisdr] Re:: S-meter question

 Hello Alex, Thank you very much for your very informative answer!  Unfortunately I have not got the right equipment to test this myself, so I will ask
Ingemar Lekteus
16 Oct

: S-meter question

Hello Ingemar, 1. I cannot give you the answer relatively to SDR-Console, I simply do not know, suppose Simone knows it. 2. To get correct signal level
16 Oct

S-meter question

I have been using Afedri Net-SDR and SDR Console v.2 and v.3 since a long time. With pleasure! I would like to get correct S-meter values according to IARU
Ingemar Lekteus
16 Oct

Rtty sckimer ini

If someone use it, need same help editing ini file for our sdr,.i know i know!, but this days i am pretty lasy. Thanks 73,Marius, yo7fb.
20 Sep
11 Sep

: Re: [afedrisdr] AFEDRI SDR-net rev.5.0 in stand-alone mode (i.e. i

Some short video related to topic (by the way with alternative S-meter scale) :-) https://youtu.be/4fNpgFSusqQ https://youtu.be/4fNpgFSusqQ 73! Alex
7 Sep
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