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4506Re:: Afedri-SDR-Net and SDRUno

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  • johan.letterstal@gmail.com
    4 May
      My starting point:
      Windows 7
      Afedri SDR-Net connected to LAN
      SDR Network Control Box v5.21
      HDSDR 2.76
      SDRplay_SDRuno_Installer_1.13 (from the download site)
      ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ --------------------
      (Deinstall any previous installations of SDRuno, including resetting registry)

      Copy ALL files from the HDSDR folder to My Document (I did that because I'm lazy) 
      Run the installer
      (Installing SDR_Player is optional?)

      Approve any SDRplay/uno applications in the Windows firewall !! 

      Click on the "Windows Start" button (left lower corner)
      (Not the SDRuno desktop icon)

      Select "All Programs"
      Look for SDRplay and the below SDRuno

      Next you will find "SDRuno (EXTIO)"
      And you should fly!
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