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4507Using 2 ethernet adapters

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  • vmatheson2005
    May 6, 2017

      Have a connection question...

      I have 2 Ethernet adapters and I want to access the internet on the 1gb adapter and use the second adapter to connect to the Afedri 2X.

      I have the secondary Ethernet adapter configured to and the Afedri is connected and working properly in LAN mode. 

      The 1gb card is configured to find the ip and dns automatically.

      When I enable the 1gb card I lose my connect to the afedri.

      The only way it does work is if I use a wireless usb stick for the internet and either adapter to the afedri configured to the

      I am wondering by enabling the 1gb adapter in auto find would it be enabling the DHCP server for both adapters.

      Networking is not one of my strong points  so help is needed.

      Thanks and 73

      Vernon - VE1VDM

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