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4509Re: [afedrisdr] Re:: Using 2 ethernet adapters

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  • Conrad PA5Y
    8 May
      In order to have simultaneous internet and Afedri use I use a wireless
      adapter for the internet and the Ethernet card for connection to a
      separate Ethernet switch to allow access to to the Afedri from various
      PCs. I also have Ethernet to serial interfaces to control rotators, PTT,
      CAT etc.

      You do not want unpredictable internet traffic on the same network as an
      Afedri if you are contemplating streaming of IQ data for instance. I
      have also tested this with 2 network interface cards on the same PC and
      it works fine.

      You need to set the metric of the network interface as described here:


      Set the wireless interface to Metric value 1 and the Ethernet port
      metric to 2, this will ensure that the PC uses the wireless port for for
      internet access.

      I can give specifics when I get home from work, I am not able to
      remember what I did


      Conrad PA5Y
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