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4563Re:: Re: [afedrisdr] AFE822x SDR-net rev.3.0 - the new firmware fw_v3060

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  • alex4z5lv
    Aug 16, 2017
      Hello Mike,
      It is not complicated task to know is your SDR rev.3.0, there is number of ways:

      1. AFE822x SDR-net was supplied to customers since April 2017 (not earlier)!!!
      2. AFE822x SDR-Net rev.3.0 will have HW/CPLD version: 000D0002
      3. Revision numbers 3.0  is directly printed on the PCB.
      4. AFE822x SDR-net rev.3.0 - will not work correctly in OpenHPSDR mode (for example with PowerSDR_mrx application)

      HW/CPLD version is checked with SDR_Network_Control_box ->"About" tab or with sdr_commander...

      According your question, I can suppose that you never used SDR with OpenHPSDR compatible software :-)
      So may be thing upgrade is not actual to you in any way :-)

      If you have any other (than rev. 3.0) AFE822x SDR-Net version -please do not use this firmware.


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